About us

The project broadly has three thematic areas:

1. Effective Production of hydroelectricity

2. Effective Transmission of hydroelectricity

3. Effective End-use of hydroelectricity.

Under these thematic areas, the project is divided into four academic Work Packages (WP):

  •  WP-1 Fundamental Research on Sediment Erosion: WHU (Production)
  •  WP-2 Sediment Resistant Turbines: NTNU (Production)
  • WP-3 Green Hydrogen: KU (End-use)
  • WP-4 Power Systems Operation: USN (Transmission)

Similarly, for the effective administration, communication, and functioning of the project, the following two non-academic Work Packages (WP) provide support:

  • WP-5 Communication and Dissemination: ICIMOD-HUC
  • WP-6 Project Management: KU

Organizational Structure

Our Teams

Prof.Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug

Project Lead, NTNU

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa

Project Lead, KU

Prof. Zhogdong Qlan

WP-1 Lead, WHU

Assoc.Prof.Thomas Oyvang

WP-4 Lead, USN

Dr. Chi Huyen Truong

Program Coordinator, ICIMOD HUC

Kritika Sharma


Aney Shrestha

WP-6 Lead, KU

Our Partners

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